Comment bloquer l’écran de mon iPhone avec un code pour les applications

Verrouillez l'écran sur une application Pour cela, ouvrez l'application sur laquelle vous souhaitez bloquer l'écran de l'appareil, et appuyez trois fois de suite sur le bouton mise sous tension de votre iPhone . 24 mars 2023

Today, I will show you how I managed to set a code on my iPhone applications to lock a specific app or lock all of them at once. Usually, I make videos like this on TikTok or Instagram, but since this topic is a bit more complex, I decided to share it on YouTube. If you want more tips and tricks, make sure to stay tuned for my upcoming video on iPhone and Mac tricks. So, let’s get started!

To begin, go to the Settings on your iPhone. Scroll down and tap on Accessibility. At the bottom, you will find Guided Access. Make sure it is enabled. Next, go to Settings and select Passcode. Set a passcode that will be required to access the locked applications. For example, I will use 000, but you can choose any code you prefer.

The next step is to go to Shortcuts. Open the app and tap on Automation. Create a personal automation and select Applications. Here, you can choose the applications you want to lock. For example, let’s say I want to lock Air France and Airbnb. After selecting the desired apps, tap Next.

Now, we need to add an action. Tap on Add Action and search for « Guided Access » in the Settings app. Select it and tap Next. Before executing the automation, make sure to disable the option that is prompted. Once done, tap Done to save the automation.

Now, let’s test it out. Open the Airbnb app, and you’ll see that it is locked. The entire phone is locked on the application because that’s what we want. To unlock it, press the side button three times. This will prompt you to enter the passcode. Once entered, you can exit the locked app.

What’s great about this feature is that no one can navigate within the locked app unless they know your Guided Access passcode, which is separate from your iPhone unlock passcode. This method works with any type of iPhone application, whether it is a native iOS app like Alarm or a third-party app like Airbnb.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Don’t forget to subscribe and stay tuned for more useful tips and tricks on my channel. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Thank you for watching, and see you soon!


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