Comment être fort à Fortnite : 10 conseils pour progresser rapidement

Comment etre fort sur fortnite ? Garder les mêmes raccourcis. Être à jour sur les nouveautés de Fortnite . Analysez vos parties et comprenez pourquoi vous avez perdu. L'entraînement : Construction &, visée. Évitez les grandes villes. Suivez la méta actuelle. Analysez votre environnement. ... Inspirez-vous des meilleurs joueurs. 30 janv. 2023

Fortnite has become one of the most popular games in recent years, and it’s no surprise that many players are looking for ways to improve their skills and become stronger in the game. In this blog post, I will share with you 10 tips that can help you progress in Fortnite in less than 5 minutes.

1. When you’re being attacked, avoid running away sideways or downwards. Instead, move in the opposite direction of your opponent. By doing this, you force your enemy to cover more distance to attack your wall, giving you time to heal or prepare for the next move.

2. With the recent update, constructions no longer pass through walls like they used to. So, don’t waste your time trying to break through walls. However, you can still place a cone through enemy walls by editing your floor and aiming at the bottom of the wall. This can be useful in certain situations.

3. Don’t expose yourself too much when attacking an enemy wall. A lesser-known technique is to hit the top of the wall once and then place a cone to continue breaking the wall. This way, your opponent won’t expect you to regain control of the wall easily.

4. In duo or trio matches, don’t rush to loot an enemy box immediately after knocking them down. Their allies will be waiting for you, so make sure to secure the area before looting. Replace walls or bring the knocked-down enemy into your box for safety.

5. When an enemy is pickaxing your wall, don’t give them an easy shot. Instead, surprise them by quickly moving to the other side of your wall as they break through. This way, you can trap them in your box and attack from the opposite wall or edit the top of your box for an even more surprising move.

6. Breaking an opponent’s shield doesn’t mean you have to eliminate them. Sometimes, it’s better to let go of a risky situation, especially when facing players who constantly try to escape. The longer you pursue them, the higher the chance of another enemy noticing you and attacking from behind.

7. Vary your attack angles. If you’ve noticed that a player has defended their wall twice in a row, they will expect you to attack from the same spot again. Change your angle of attack each time to catch them off guard. This is especially effective if you haven’t been able to regain control of the wall.

8. If you find yourself constantly dying and getting frustrated, take a break. Playing in an angry or frustrated state will only lead to poor decision-making and less enjoyment. Take a 5 to 10-minute break to clear your mind, refocus, and come back stronger.

9. Jump before swinging your pickaxe. This not only allows you to reach a slightly farther distance but also gives you the ability to cancel the animation if needed. By jumping, you can react to unexpected situations and adjust your strategy accordingly.

10. Thank you to everyone who supports me with the creator code « swima » in the Fortnite store. I hope these 10 tips will help you improve your skills and become a stronger player in Fortnite. Stay tuned for more videos coming soon. Ciao!

These tips are just a starting point to help you progress in Fortnite. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep playing, learning, and refining your strategies. Good luck on your Fortnite journey!


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