Comment Gâcher Noël: 40 Ways to Ruin the Holiday Season

Humour: comment gâcher Noël en 5 étapes faciles Monopolisez l'attention. Parlez trop, riez très fort et n'écoutez pas les autres. ... Buvez trop et goinfrez-vous. ... Créez des malaises à table. ... Brisez les rêves des enfants. ... Offrez des cadeaux inappropriés. 18 déc. 2018

With only two days left until Christmas, it’s that time of year when some people enjoy making the holiday season miserable for others. In this blog post, we will explore forty ways to make Christmas unforgettable in all the wrong ways. Let’s dive in and discover some unconventional ideas that will surely leave a lasting negative impression.

Firstly, we have those forgetful individuals who neglect to buy the stuffing, resulting in a pride-filled turkey. Another idea is to tell all the children in the world that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, exchanging the traditional Yule log for a bizarre alternative. How about turning off the television during family gatherings or replacing all the Christmas gifts with death threats? These are just a few examples of how to make the holiday season truly unforgettable, but in all the wrong ways.

For those seeking more extreme methods, you could ask Santa Claus for a Winchester rifle and use it to shoot someone, or announce to Jocelyne that this will be her last Christmas before shooting her. Engaging in a snowball fight with grenades might also catch some attention. Pass it on to your family or even Santa Claus to ensure the entire world is contaminated.

If you’re feeling particularly malicious, consider serving divorce papers during the holiday feast, or even gifting your sister with AIDS. Strangle your brother with Christmas lights or present a bicycle to your legless cousin. And why not construct a giant blowtorch to melt the North Pole, or simply wait for global warming to do it for you?

Every year, invite the mailman to join in for dessert, or invite your Jewish friend Jacob for the second consecutive year just to annoy your family. If you’re feeling really extreme, blow up the Earth or set fire to Santa Claus’ testicles and send him crashing down with his reindeer by breaking their legs with a baseball bat.

To truly destroy the magic of Christmas, explode all the toys and use your father’s testicles as Christmas ornaments. Demand a ransom from Santa Claus or summon Satan between the cheese and dessert courses. Set fire to the stockings to defend vegan ideals, or ignite the Christmas tree to fight against deforestation. And why not burn down the brothels to combat prostitution?

For a shocking revelation, make a toast and come out to your homophobic family members. Maybe it’s not the best timing, but it will surely make an impact. If you have a time machine, go back and prevent Coca-Cola from inventing Christmas. Turn Santa’s workshop into a rave party by introducing LSD to the elves.

If you’re feeling adventurous, work at Sony and announce a shortage of PlayStation consoles. Accidentally enter the wrong house and spend Christmas dinner with strangers. Replace all the Christmas movies with scatological films or creepy spider videos. Finally, reveal that Santa Claus is actually a mean person and that Christmas magic is nothing more than an illusion.

These unconventional ideas will surely ruin the magic of Christmas, not only for this year but for all the following ones as well. We hope you enjoyed these suggestions, and we wish you a Merry Christmas. Feel free to share these ideas at your family gatherings. After all, what’s Christmas without a little chaos?

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