Comment Installer Samsung Pay: Une Solution de Paiement Sans Contact

1 Ouvrez Samsung Pay sur votre téléphone. Une fois que vous l'ouvrirez, vous serez invité à télécharger et à installer l'application complète . Il aura une taille d'environ 80 Mo à 100 Mo. Laissez-le télécharger, puis appuyez sur le bouton Installer lorsque vous y êtes invité. 9 nov. 2022

After the success of Apple Pay, Samsung has launched its own contactless payment solution through smartphones. Google Pay, which is already available in several countries, is expected to follow suit soon. Apple Pay is compatible with iPhones starting from the 5S, while Samsung Pay works on recent Galaxy smartphones from the S4 onwards. Google Pay is expected to arrive on all Android smartphones in the coming months.

However, it is important to note that your bank needs to be a partner for these payment solutions. Many banks have already taken the leap, such as Caisse d’Epargne and Banque Populaire, which are partners of Samsung and Apple. Société Générale, for now, is only a partner of Apple Pay. It is still unknown which establishment will launch Google Pay.

The configuration process is quite simple. In the wallet application, click on « add a card » and aim your camera at the card. The data will be automatically detected, and you just need to enter your name and CVV. The procedure is similar in the Samsung Pay application.

Approximately half of the merchants have compatible payment terminals. When it’s time to pay, double-click the home button (or the right button on Apple devices) or swipe up from the bottom (on Samsung devices). You will need to authenticate yourself, and then simply place your smartphone near the payment terminal, just like when you pay with a contactless card.

One significant advantage of using your smartphone for contactless payments is that it is not limited to small purchases. You can use it just like your bank card, with the same weekly or monthly spending limits. Similarly, there are no issues with using it abroad if your card already allows it. The system also works even if you are not covered by mobile networks.

It is important to note that your banking data is not stored on the phone or shared with merchants. Apple and Samsung only act as intermediaries, transmitting encrypted data. Therefore, paying with your smartphone is not riskier than paying with your bank card. In case your mobile is lost or stolen, report the incident to your bank’s customer service, as they can remotely delete your virtual cards.

In conclusion, installing Samsung Pay is a simple process that allows you to make contactless payments conveniently and securely. With the increasing availability of these payment solutions, it is becoming easier for smartphone users to embrace this modern way of paying.


Comment activer le Samsung Pay ?
Étape 1. Téléchargez Samsung Pay sur le store et enregistrez votre compte Samsung sur l'application.Étape 2. Appuyez sur + pour ajouter votre carte de paiement.Étape 3. Scannez-là et laisser-vous guider par les instructions.
Comment installer Samsung Pay sur Android ?
Ouvrez Galaxy Apps, Cherchez « Samsung Pay » et installez l'application, Suivez les instructions à l'écran et acceptez les conditions générales d'utilisation de la carte Visa Banque Populaire dans Samsung Pay.
Pourquoi je ne peux pas installer Samsung Pay ?
💬 FAQ sur Samsung Pay (nouveau Samsung Wallet) Il arrive parfois que l'application Samsung Pay ne fonctionne pas. Dans ce cas, le premier réflexe à avoir est de vérifier si votre appareil est bien compatible avec l'application.22 nov. 2022
Où se trouve Samsung Pay ?
Pour utiliser Samsung Pay, il vous suffit de balayer votre écran de bas en haut depuis l'onglet situé sur le bord inférieur de votre smartphone puis approchez-le du terminal de paiement et, voilà, votre transaction est faite !