Comment Partager Apple Music et Gérer le Partage Familial sur iPhone ou iPad

Inviter des personnes à rejoindre votre groupe familial et partager votre abonnement Sur votre appareil Android, ouvrez l'app Apple Music . Touchez le bouton Plus . Touchez Compte. Touchez Gérer la famille. Touchez Ajouter un membre. Saisissez un nom ou une adresse e-mail. Touchez Envoyer. 15 déc. 2022

If you have given your child an iPhone or iPad as a gift, you need to activate Family Sharing and create an Apple Kids account for them. To do this, go to Settings and tap on your name. From there, you can set up Family Sharing at any time. By enabling Family Sharing, you can share all your purchases with up to six family members, preventing multiple purchases of the same app, for example. With Family Sharing, you can also have control over what your children do, the apps they install, and the purchases they make, which will require your consent.

To begin, go to « iTunes and App Store Purchases » and confirm that the main guardian’s account will manage the family. Validate the payment method that will be used for all purchases. Then, invite family members to join the family group by entering the security code of the credit card used with Apple. If your family members already have an Apple ID, you can send them a direct message with a link to join the family group. Once Family Sharing is activated, you will become the family organizer and can add members.

To create an Apple Kids account, choose « Create a Child Account » and enter the child’s date of birth. Accept the terms and conditions and confirm that you are the parent by entering the security code of your credit card. Enter your child’s first name and last name. If your child doesn’t have an email account, you can create one for them on This email address provided by Apple can be used for sending emails. Make sure to note the chosen email address and the secret questions and password for your child’s Apple ID.

Answer the secret questions, which will be useful if you or your child ever forget the password for their Apple account. These questions will help you recover or reset the password. Enable the « Ask to Buy » option if you want to receive a request every time your child wants to download an app or make a purchase on the iTunes Store, App Store, or Apple Books. This way, you can approve or disapprove these purchases and downloads. Accept the terms and conditions, and your child’s account will be created.

You can also activate other shared features, such as a family subscription to Apple Music, sharing iCloud storage space, sharing location, and enabling Screen Time to limit your child’s usage of the iPhone or iPad in terms of time and duration. When your child receives their gift, whether it’s an iPhone or iPad, make sure to use the Apple ID you just created for them when setting it up. As the family organizer, you may need to validate certain functions from your iPhone. If you would like more tutorials on Family Sharing, feel free to ask, and I will gladly create more videos on the topic. Remember to share this post if you found it helpful, and stay tuned for more tutorials.


Comment partager un compte Apple Music iPhone ?
Sur votre iPhone ou iPad, accédez à Réglages, puis touchez votre nom. Touchez Abonnements. Faites défiler vers le bas et assurez-vous que la fonctionnalité Partager avec la famille est activée. Touchez l'abonnement que vous souhaitez partager.6 mars 2023
Comment partager Apple Music famille iPhone ?
Touchez votre nom, puis touchez Partage familial. Touchez Ajouter un membre. Si votre enfant ne possède pas d'identifiant Apple, touchez Créer un compte pour enfant. Si votre enfant possède déjà un identifiant Apple, touchez Inviter des personnes.10 avr. 2023
Comment partager sa bibliothèque Apple Music ?
En regard de « Partage multimédia », cliquez sur le bouton d'informations , sélectionnez « Partager le contenu multimédia avec des invités », puis cliquez sur Options.
Comment ajouter un membre sur Apple Music ?
Accédez à Réglages >, [votre nom] >, Partage familial, puis touchez. dans l'angle supérieur droit.Touchez « Inviter des personnes », puis suivez les instructions à l'écran. Vous pouvez envoyer l'invitation à l'aide d'AirDrop, de Messages ou de Mail.