« Ok Google, comment s’écrit une série policière française ? »


Grégoire: *phone rings* G: Scénaristes Associés, hello! G: Yes? G: Alright! *hangs up* G: We got a request! David: Hmm? G: Yeah, a series! D: Really? G: Yes, a French one! D: No way! G: Yes way! D: No! G: But there are good ones! D: Alright, tell me then! G: Well, a French police series! D: Well, go ahead and give it a try! G: Yes! D (left cop): He struck again. G (right cop): Yeah… More than once, actually. G: But what is he up to… Ah! There he is! F (center cop): Tell me everything, guys. D: A woman, 24 years old, two bullets in the back, dead… F: Where are we in the procedure? G: The forensics are analyzing the samples, and Delporte has secured the area. We’ve informed the helicopters, the BRI, the DGSI, and there’s a TV crew behind them. D: She’s beautiful… D (back in the apartment): Whoa, slow down! Do you think you’re in Hollywood? G: Yeah… D: Come down a bit… G: Okay! D (left cop): There’s no doubt about that. G (right cop): That’s for sure! But what the hell is he doing? F (center cop): Tell me everything, guys. D: A woman, dead. F: Where are we in the procedure? G: Sylvie is handling the samples, and Michel has put up the police tape. F: Is Michel here? Michel: Hi! D (in the apartment): Hmm, you can come down a bit more… G (right cop): Do you see the digital screen? *sirens* D (left cop): Does it go underwater? G: Yeah, it’s waterproof. Bernard (center cop): Hi, guys! G: How are you, Bernard? B: Good, and you? D: Hi, Bernard! Hey, Bernard, I think I have a dead lady here. B: Oh, shit! D+G: Hmm… B: Shit, what do we do? G: Well, I have a magnifying glass, so I can check for fingerprints… D: And I brought my high-powered bike light, it illuminates really well. D (apartment): You can come down a bit more… G: Yeah, but I’m not really into police series, to be honest. You’re right, it’s not… D: Well, maybe let’s try something more ambitious. Like… A summer saga? G: Oh, I love that! Look! Oh, I got it! *Domaine Bouchonné theme song* D: Previously, on the previous episode… D: Hélène Chevalier, widow of Patrick Chevalier, now lives in the present day with Michel Leclerc, who is supposed to buy the Domaine Bouchonné. *clinking glasses* D: But that’s not taking into account the opinion of Margaux, the lawyer, Déborah, the beekeeper, Gérard, Thierry the gardener, a Colombian woman, a woman we don’t know yet, Bruno who forgot his keys, a former Nazi, and a dog… Also interested in the Domaine Bouchonné. G: *whistles* Not bad, huh? D: Hmm… G: Don’t you feel like watching that all summer? D: No… G: Ah… D: No, but I think I prefer if we make a series in hospitals, you know, with sick children. Something emotional… Like « Bracelets rouges »! G: Oh yeah, that’s good! D: Yeah! G: It’s good, it’s really sad! G *whispering*: How do I tell him… Emma? So, we got your results. You’ll stay with us for another year, okay? It’s for your treatment. It’s okay, I made a friend in the room. No, Charlotte is cured, she went home. But you have the room all to yourself. Maybe Églantine, my little dog, could come? No, it’s not possible. She got run over during the walk. And my mom? She got hit while walking Églantine… And my dad? He was driving the car that hit Églantine and your mom. And he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. And my sister? She was playing a joke. She was in the trunk. Yeah, the roof trunk. That’s funny. But it’ll be okay. Oh, sorry. No, you can go, she doesn’t feel anything. Right? *incomprehensible* We’ll see each other in a few months. Well, we’ll see each other every day, I mean, for a few months. Well, for a year. And what if you played with those tubes to make friendship bracelets? Ew, no way, cow! Isn’t that too much? Why don’t we make a cool American-style series? Like on Netflix? Oh yeah, like « Marseille »? Well, Marseille! *Netflix jingle* The bird must know how to leave its lair. We need to bring out the tiger in you. Do you think I’m going to let you take back the city? I saw what you wanted to do with the Jean-Jacques Rousseau media library, you piece of shit. I’ll go all the way to the Pierre de Coubertin leisure center. And I from my Victor Hugo community hall. I’ll make raclette nights on Tuesdays with the retirees. You’re a dead man! Have you thought about the Pierre and Marie Curie square? Do you want to see it go up in smoke? If you do that, I’ll drown you in the municipal swimming pool next to the tourist office. Impossible, it only opens at 4 p.m., and before that, there are school groups, a CM2 class. And I know where you hid the Christmas lights from Rue du Presbytère. – Limoges is mine! – No, Limoges belongs to… *the window closes* – Limoges belongs to the people of Limoges. – Ah. No, Lim… LIMOGES IS MINE! It’s crazy, even when it’s for Netflix, you can tell it’s French. Well, they love it! – Limoges? – Yeah, they want 15 episodes. – Limoges? – Limoges! Episode 1: Murder at the porcelain factory. – Limoges? – Yeah. *Outro* Subtitles: Bibi Babo

Paragraph 1:

Grégoire and David, two screenwriters, receive an order for a French police series. David is skeptical, but Grégoire is excited about the opportunity.

Paragraph 2:

The two cops, along with their colleague, discuss a murder case. They exchange information and make plans to solve the crime.

Paragraph 3:

Back in the apartment, Grégoire and David continue their conversation. Grégoire is enthusiastic about creating a series, while David suggests a more emotional storyline involving children in a hospital.

Paragraph 4:

Grégoire and David brainstorm ideas for their series, considering different genres and themes. They discuss the possibility of creating a summer saga or a hospital drama.

Paragraph 5:

The scene shifts to a hospital, where a young girl named Emma receives news about her treatment. The conversation between Emma and the doctor reveals a tragic backstory, adding emotional depth to the story.

Paragraph 6:

Grégoire and David contemplate the idea of creating a series similar to American shows, like « Marseille » on Netflix. They discuss the challenges and potential success of such a project.

Paragraph 7:

The episode concludes with a humorous and dramatic dialogue between two characters, discussing their rivalry for control over a city. The conversation highlights the distinct French style of storytelling.


The subtitles from the video present a glimpse into the creative process of developing a series. Grégoire and David explore various ideas and genres, showcasing the challenges and possibilities of creating compelling content.


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