Orange Comment Avoir la Fibre: Mon Expérience avec la Technicien

Recently, a technician from Orange came to my place to install the fiber optic connection. Unfortunately, he couldn’t set it up because I’m switching from Free as my service provider. Determined to resolve the issue, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Equipped with my laser and a clear goal in mind, I connected to the Free operator. Opening the access panel, I discovered a tangle of cables, but amidst the chaos, I found what I was looking for – the fiber optic cables eagerly waiting to be connected.

Excited about my discovery, I contacted customer service to inform them of the situation. However, I also remembered that I had left my laser at a previous client’s place. Thankfully, after a quick search, I found my laser and was ready to proceed.

Calling customer service, I provided them with the necessary information – the problem point’s reference number and the color of the fiber tube (red tube, turquoise fiber). While there is an application called Borako that could have assisted with this process, I personally couldn’t find the problem point on it. Perhaps that was the root of the issue.

As I explained the situation to customer service, it became clear that no installation was required. This was a PLP (Passive Local Point), meaning the client already had fiber optic access but was switching operators. However, since we had no information about the optical route, I had to gather the necessary references and contact customer service for further assistance.

After a complex process, your fiber optic connection is now up and running. You can enjoy speeds of 664 Mbps both for uploading and downloading. It’s incredible how technology has advanced, providing us with such fast and reliable internet access.

Having gone through this experience, I can confidently say that obtaining fiber optic connection with Orange is possible, even in challenging situations. It may require a bit of troubleshooting and communication with customer service, but the end result is well worth it.

So, if you’re wondering how to get fiber optic connection with Orange, don’t be discouraged by any hurdles you may encounter along the way. With determination and the right assistance, you too can enjoy the benefits of high-speed internet in the comfort of your own home.


Comment faire pour avoir la fibre chez Orange ?
Comment prendre rendez-vous pour avoir la Fibre Orange dans mon logement ? Choisissez une offre Fibre en ligne, comparez-la avec votre offre actuelle. Poursuivez votre commande et sélectionnez une date de rendez-vous pour l'installation de la Fibre dans votre logement.
Est-ce que l'installation de la fibre est gratuite chez Orange ?
L'installation de la fibre avec Orange est gratuite, que ce soit en maison individuelle ou en appartement. Ce qui n'est pas le cas chez tous les fournisseurs d'accès à internet.
Qui contacter pour installer la fibre Orange ?
tout est possible avec le numéro de service client d'Orange. Appelez le 3900 depuis un mobile ou un téléphone fixe (service et temps d'attente en ligne gratuits + prix d'un appel classique). Le service client d'Orange est disponible de 8h à 20h du lundi au samedi (sauf jours fériés).