Stop 36200 Comment Faire: Quick Fixes for Electric Bike Charger Issues

If you own an electric bike, an electric quad scooter, a boogie scooter, or any other electric bike, sooner or later you may discover that your treasure is not charging the batteries. I’m Bartek from the Mini Bike Store, and in today’s post, I will show you how to quickly repair a charger that is not working.

Electric bikes come with a charger to charge the battery nearby, and it can be a 48-volt charger like this one or a 72-volt charger, depending on the voltage of your bike’s batteries. The chargers that come with the bikes are very reliable and work perfectly. There aren’t many problems with them, but at some point, you may discover that when you plug it in and charge it in the wall socket, the charger light will flash like this. Or you may find that when you plug it in and charge it in the wall socket, the light here will be green and won’t turn red as it should.

Most of the problems you will encounter with the charger will be inside this blue part here. So, what is the reason behind these charger issues? The plug here is made with three holes, and when you connect it to the bike, you have to twist the plug to fit properly into the quad’s socket. But what happens when you twist the plug? You twist the plug on the cable so that it doesn’t move. However, this can cause the cables inside the plug to break.

If the charger doesn’t change the light from green to red when you connect it to the bike, let’s open the plug. There are two screws here that you need to unscrew, then hold this black plastic part and unscrew this metal part here. Now you can see what it looks like inside. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that one of the wires is broken and not connected, so there is no power at this end. That’s why the light doesn’t turn red when you plug it in and charge it.

To fix this, simply reconnect the wire properly, and the charger will work again. It’s a quick solution. In the second case, when the charger light is flashing, let me show you again. When I connect this charger to the wall socket, the red light flashes. This means that there is a short circuit in the charger. So, once again, we need to open this blue part, remove the two small screws from the plastic part, and unscrew the metal part to see what’s inside.

As you can see, the cables are twisted, and the positive wire is touching the negative wire, causing the short circuit. We need to untwist these cables, separate them, like this. Now let’s try again. As you can see, the charger is now working, and the red light is no longer flashing. Now we need to tape the cables, insulate them, and put everything back in place.

After fixing the cables inside the plug, your charger will work again. However, this won’t prevent it from happening again. So, I strongly recommend using tape and wrapping it around the tube and cable to prevent the cable from breaking inside the blue part in the future. Now, when you tape it, you can see that when you twist the plug, it also twists the cable, so as not to damage the cables inside the plug again.

Replacing an electric bike charger can be quite expensive, ranging from 50 to 100 euros. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check this plug before ordering a new charger. Just make sure to connect the cables correctly. There are numbers on the holes here on the plug, and there is number one, number two, and number three. So, make sure to connect the positive wire to number 1 and the negative wire to number 2. Number 3 has no connection.

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